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Results of "Capturing our Catchment from Creek to Coral!" contest

The contest was about designing Townsville's catchment and how it is affected by human activities such as urban development, agriculture and industry.

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Urban Nature-Youth Ecotourism Forum II

In a follow up to the highly successful Urban Nature-Youth Ecotourism Forum, held as a complimentary event to the 2006 International Ecotourism Conference, Townsville City Council Environmental Management Services coordinated the Urban Nature-Youth Ecotourism Forum II (UN-YEF II) to link with the Global Ecotourism Conference which was held in Oslo, Norway in May 2007.

The UN-YEF II was held on the 15th and 16th of May 2007 and took the form of a workshop around the Youth Ecotourism Charter Draft. Young Townsville students from year 11-12 attended the forum.

The Forum included a videoconference link with Madeleine McGann, Townsville student who represented the youth of Townsville at the Oslo conference. Students were also able to share their experience with other students from Francde, Brazil and Thailand.

To see the proceedings of the forum visit the Urban Nature - Youth Ecotourism Forum II site.

2009 events to be posted soon


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