How Are Creek And Coral Connected?

How are Creek & Coral connected?
Creeks and coral are connected though what is called the “Water cycle”.
This means that water does not stay in the same place all the time, but flows from small streams into the ocean. There, it evaporates when it is sunny and hot and it is transported inland by clouds. When it rains, water falls back into small streams and commence a new journey towards the ocean. The connections between the difference places where water goes is called a water (or river) system.

Therefore, creeks and corals are made of the same water!

This is why it is important to protect to whole water system, from small creek to coral reefs, to ensure that the water quality is equally good in the small mountain streams and in the ocean.

Creek to Coral is a “Total Water Cycle Management” programme, meaning that it takes care of the water wherever it is in the cycle.

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What are the main features of a river system?
A river system has many features: it starts from the source, which is usually located in the mountain and is made of melting snow or glacier or water coming from the ground; then it creates a small stream or tributary which joins a bigger stream, until is joins the main river or creek. It then goes through floodplains (flat land stretching on either side of the river) and wetlands, creating meanders just like a snake. Finally, it reaches the river mouth and goes into the ocean.

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