A combined Townsville Council, State Government, Commonwealth and community based initiative to maintain and enhance
our healthy waterways in the coastal dry tropics.

Introducing Townsville's WQIP

The Black Ross (Townsville) Water Quality Improvement Plan (WQIP) was prepared by Creek to Coral and its partners with funding from the Australian Government's Coastal Catchments Initiative program, under the Natural Heritage Trust. The WQIP is based on Total Water Cycle Management principles and focuses principally on the management of urban and peri-urban stormwater related issues. To find out more about Townsville's WQIP click here.

Black Ross WQIP and Reports

The final Black Ross (Townsville) WQIP, sub basin Information Sheets and links to all the supporting documents are available here.

WQIP Mapping

A variety of mapping products were developed during the preparation of the WQIP. To view some of the main maps and the interactive mapping site click here.

WQIP Implementation

To see what has been happening with implementation of the Black Ross (Townsville) WQIP click here.

Black Ross (Townsville) WQIP History

To see what was involved in the development of the WQIP for the Townsville region click here.

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