Rowes Bay Wetlands

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welcome to the Rowes Bay Wetlands learnscape

tracks & trails: being in the landscape

Rowes Bay Wetlands

The above diagram shows identified tracks and trails options for the Rowes Bay Wetlands.
The Rowes Bay Sustainability Centre,  Creek to Coral Headquarters, is marked in red in the image above.

Rowes Bay Wetlands
Rowes Bay Wetlands
Tracks and Trails

Before European settlement tracks and trails were a common part of the landscape linking natural resources such as the wetlands of the Town Common and Rowes Bay with drier camping areas and meeting places.

New tracks and trails are being established in the altered landscapes to provide an opportunity for people to experience the seasonal variations of the Rowes Bay wetlands.

The boardwalk isn’t needed all year round (because we know wetlands aren’t always wet) but when the wetlands are wet it’s a pretty useful track to stay on.

Rowes Bay Wetlands

Diagram showing constructed boardwalks in Rowes Bay Wetlands.