Rowes Bay Wetlands

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welcome to the Rowes Bay Wetlands learnscape

Location: where on earth are the Rowes Bay Wetlands?

Rowes Bay Wetlands are located in north east Australia...

in the northern part of the State of Queensland...

a few kilometres south of Magnetic Island...

...and within the suburbs of the City of Townsville.
Rowes Bay Wetlands

Rowes Bay is located between the suburbs of North Ward and Palleranda.

Located in the Townsville suburb of Rowes Bay the wetlands were once part of a continuous system of wetlands, sand dunes and coastal flats that stretched from Kissing Point to Pallarenda and across to the Bohle River including the full extent of the Town Common.

The wetlands are now bordered and contained by urban features including the Belgian Gardens cemetery, Townsville airport, part of the Rowes Bay residential area and Cape Pallarenda Road. Most of the remaining Rowes Bay wetlands are included in a Reserve managed by Townsville City Council through Integrated Sustainability Services.              

Below: Street map of Townsville showing Rowes Bay top left.

Street Map of Townsville