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Watering information - Strong Lawns

Watering your lawn is probably the most common maintenance you will do throughout the year. There are a couple of main things that should be taken into account to train your lawn to be healthy and strong.

Check out this online lawn training presentation for Townsville if you want to know more about Strong Lawns.

Why? With Townsville's soils being predominantly very clayey (apart from the coastal suburbs) it is important to apply water slowly and evenly to reduce runoff and to get the water deep into the soil so the roots can follow it, the deeper the roots the more your lawn will be resitant to heat stress and drought.

Frequency: Deep infrequent waterings are best, what does this mean? In Townsville twice a week (at most) in the dry and never when it's wet.

Amount: The average Townsville lawn needs about 25mm of water a week (slightly more during hot and dry summer days, and slightly less during the cooler winter days), an indication how long you will need to water using hose-end sprinklers is given in the table below.

Sprinkler Name/Type Image Litres per minute* Coverage Area Application rate mm/h Time to apply 25mm/m2
Wobble-T 12L/min approx. 190m2 3.8mm/h

Place 2 or 3 containers in the coverage area. Record the time it takes for the container to be filled to a depth of about 25 mm.


This time will be reflective of the time it will take to optimally water your lawn.

Please bare in mind that most soils in Townsville have an infilitration rate (how much water can soak in) of no more than 8mm per hour

Rotoframe 1/2" 19.2L/min approx. 79m2 14.7mm/h
5 Function Sprinkler 17.4L/min approx. 64m2 16.41mm/h
Canberra Sprinkler 18.8L/min approx. 113m2 9.97mm/h
Partner (or Rose) sprinkler up to 24L/min approx. 28m2-50m2 26.74 - 50.29mm/h
Handy Sprinkler 34.6L/min approx. 50m2 41.3 mm/h
Tractor Sprinkler 13.8L/min approx. 50m2 (stationary) 26.74mm/h
Rotary Sled Sprinkler 6.9L/min approx. 79m2 5.27mm/h
3 Arm Sled Sprinkler 19.4L/min approx. 50m2 23.16mm/h
Rainwave 18.1L/min approx. 168m2 6.46mm/h

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