A combined Townsville Council, State Government, Commonwealth and
community based initiative to maintain and enhance our waterways in the
coastal dry tropics.

Increasing Community Engagement in Townsville Coastal Catchments for Biodiversity Project
Funded by the Australian Government's Caring for our Country program.

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Short Title: Town Common Bike Tracks

Townsville Town Common Community Access Track

Location: Town Common North

Organisation: Townsville Rockwheelers Mountain Bike Club Inc.

Project Summary:

The Cape Pallarenda Conservation Park and the Townsville Town Common have many social and environmental values, yet are relatively under-utilised by the broader community. A vision shared by both Rockwheelers and QPWS is to provide greater opportunity for the larger Townsville community to enjoy the natural values of this special area.

To address the issue identified above, the broader project is the design and construction of cross-country mountain bike trails in partnership with QPWS and Townsville City Council.

As well as providing enhanced opportunities for the broader Townsville community to enjoy the natural values of this special area, the mountain bike trails will also provide an alternative access route to a remote section of Cape Pallarenda Conservation Park that, when necessary, can be utilised for weed and fire management activities.

Stage 1 - Quarantine Station car park to Shelley Beach

Stage 1 involves the reconstruction of a walking track (previously built in the 1980's, then abandoned) that generally follows the contour hugging the coastline approximately 100m inland. A new section of trail (about 1.5km long) will also be constructed to extend the '80's track further north to Shelley Beach and connecting to the Shelly Beach Circuit Track (SBCT). This will create a suitable 'loop ride' and making use of the little used northern end of the Townsville Town Common.

Stage 2 - Shelley Beach to Bald Rock Car Park

Stage 2 involves the design and construction of additional cross country mountain bike trail along the base of Many Peaks Range inland from the SBCT. This will provide additional 'single track' to access the higher elevation area and make the ride 'loop' longer. At many points along the trail there will be views over the tree tops north up the coast and south and west inland making for a more enjoyable ride experience.

Stage 3 - Bald Rock car park to Quarantine Station

Stage 3 involves upgrading the existing QPWS service trail that runs along the base of the southern side of Many Peaks Range. While the majority of the existing trail is suitable for mountain bikes, some parts require rerouting to avoid low lying sections and/or armouring to improve the trail tread.

Stage 2 of the overall project will be implemented with Creek to Coral CfoC funding.

Involved Parties:

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) part of Queensland's Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP)(formerly Department of Environment and Resource Management).

Completed actions and events:

•    Information sent to QPWS to assist with gaining additional funding - 12 January 2012
•    Cultural assessment completed - April 2012
•    Native Title notifications completed - April 2012
•    QPWS approval processes completed - May 2012
•    Botanical Survey completed - May 2012
•    Construction commenced - 24 June 2012
•    Creek to Coral funded section completed - July 2012
•    Site visit with QPWS - 25 July 2012
•    Official opening of Under the Radar mountain bike track with Minister – 13 October 2012