A combined Townsville Council, State Government, Commonwealth and
community based initiative to maintain and enhance our waterways in the
coastal dry tropics.

Increasing Community Engagement in Townsville Coastal Catchments for Biodiversity Project
Funded by the Australian Government's Caring for our Country program.

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Short Title: Ross River

Ross River Riparian Habitat Management and Education Trails

Location: Ross River - Bush Gardens to Sheriff Park and Upper Ross Landcare sites

Organisation: Coastal Dry Tropics Landcare Inc. (CDTLI)

Project Summary:

CDTLI has been actively working on sites from the Bush Gardens to Sherriff Park (CTDLI focus sites) for approximately 17 years. Great success has been achieved by the local volunteer workforce revegetating pockets of native vegetation in these areas, which were once stands of Guinea grass. The opportunity exists to create connectivity between these sites by removing exotic woody, herbaceous, vines and grass species.

In addition this project will upgrade the interpretive trail at the Bush Garden and create signage at each existing and former CDTLI site. This includes development of an interpretive trail at the Upper Ross site.

Provision of signage at sites with limited walk through public access and interpretative signs at sites with walk through public access will be critical in educating the public in the importance of revegetation activities for protection and enhancement of biodiversity. In addition, signage / trails will also stimulate interest and promote awareness amongst community members about what is happening in their community environment.

Proposed Activities:

-  Weed control

-  Public access improvements

-  Renovation of the Bush Garden awareness signage/trail

-  Development of educational materials and activities

-  Design and construction of Upper Ross interpretative trail including signage

-  Installation of signage for sites with no formal walk-through public access

Completed actions and events:

•    Weed control;
o    3 hectare Leucaena basal barked downstream of Bush Garden to Sherriff Park (Mundingburra),
o    1 hectare invasive vines control downstream of Bush Garden to Sherriff Park,
o    1 kilometre fire breaks put around young trees at Bush Garden,
o    2.5 hectare Leucaena control on Bazza Island,
o    1 hectare invasive vine control Bush Garden to Bazza Island,
o    0.2 hectare Para Grass control in the channel between bush garden and Bazza Island,
o    1.5 hectare Guinea Grass control Bazza Island to Bush Garden.
•    Public access improvements;
o    3 x step ways downstream of Bush Garden. Eroding established tracks upgraded.
•    Renovation of the Bush Garden awareness signage/trail;
o    Numbered cement posts erected,
o    Brochure created identifying significant species in the area and their value within the environment.
•    Development of educational materials and activities;
o    School demonstration of use of local provenance species Mundingburra state school students (12),
o    School demonstration of use of local provenance species Townsville Learning Centre students (10),
o    Planting of local provenance species (50) with Townsville learning centre students (10),
o    Rosebud Victorian State school - Interpretive trail walk, native plant identification and demonstration of traditional and modern use of local provenance species (13),
o    Community Days – including native plant identification and weed control techniques (32 days total participant numbers = 163).
•    Design and construction of Upper Ross interpretative trail including signage;
o    Upper Ross interpretive trail completed. Ongoing maintenance by CDTLI until the end of 2012,
o    Signs erected throughout the upper Ross Landcare site and surrounding area emphasising the importance of the protecting and enhancing natural environment, community engagement and volunteerism.
•    Installation of signage for sites with no formal walk-through public access

Involved Parties :

- Local Schools

- Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE (students)

- Townsville Regional Bird Observers Club

- Conservation Volunteers Australia

- Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI) (includes the former Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries).

- NQ Dry Tropics - Healthy Habitat for schools program

- Townsville City Council (TCC) Greening and Waterways Team